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Chloride (Cl)

In tandem with potassium and sodium, chloride is an electrolyte that helps to keep the fluid balance in and out of the body's cells. A diet containing lots of natural, whole food should contain adequate amounts of chloride.

Natural Food Sources
Sea salt, table salt, salt substitutes, processed food.

Main Functions
Chloride regulates fluid and acid-base balance, plus forms part of gastric juice necessary for digestion. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the liver and for healthy joints and tendons.

Deficiency Symptoms
Chloride deficiency is essentially unheard of in the developed world. Excess vomiting or acute acid-base disorders may lead to symptoms such as digestive problems, muscle issues, hair loss, tooth loss and even coma.

Toxicity Symptoms
Weakness, confusion and coma may result with either too much or too little chloride.


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