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Bilberry A close relative of American blueberry, bilberry grows in northern Europe, Canada, and the United States. The ripe berries are used. The leaves may also contain beneficial compounds. The dried berries and leaves of bilberry have been recommended for a wide variety of conditions, including scurvy, urinary tract infections, and kidney stones. Perhaps the most sound historical application is the use of the dried berries to treat diarrhea. Modern research of bilberry was partly based on its use by British World War II pilots, who noticed that their night vision improved when they ate bilberry jam prior to night bombing raids.


Source:  RxList Inc.

Bilberry berries are used primarily for acute non-specific diarrhea and inflammation of the mouth and pharynx. There are also reports of their usage in the treatment of eyestrain and night vision however this is as yet clinically unproven. It is thought that Bilberry berries may be helpful in the treatment cataracts and glaucoma due to its rich bioflavonoid content. Externally, the berries can be used for mild inflammation, varicose veins, and dermatitis.

Bilberry leaves have been used primarily for complaints of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and urinary tract, arthritis, gout, and dermatitis. It has been considered helpful as a supplement in the prevention and treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. It is sometimes used as an astringent in rinses and lavages. Traditionally, the leaves have also been used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, p.o. circulation, functional heart problems, and metabolic stimulation and blood purification.

Both the leaves and the berries can be taken as a capsule, pill, tea, tincture, decoction or the berries chewed, stewed, or even made into a jam or pie.  



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